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Bomma  Bamboo table lamp by Boda Horák
Bamboo table lamp by Boda Horák
£1,500.00 £425.00
£35.00 £50.00
Bomma  Frantisek Vizner crystal large vase
£180.00 £140.00
£400.00 £300.00
£380.00 £250.00
Bomma  NUT table lamp by Boda Horák
NUT table lamp by Boda Horák
£950.00 £425.00


BOMMA crystal glassware and lighting is made from genuine Bohemian fine crystal by the best Czech glass makers and technicians with years of experience and exceptional skills. Drinking sets and table accessories are suitable for both everyday and special occasion use. Individual shaping techniques and variability of unique decorative applications atop the high quality crystal products are the gemstones of BOMMA collections.

BOMMA crystal collections include the work of leading Czech glass artists like František Vízner and Vratislav Šotola. They further include designs from Rony Plesl, prof. Jiri Pelcl, Studio Koncern and BOMMA's own studio. Mária Hostinová and number of talented graduates from the Academy of Applied Arts, Prague represent the new generation of Czech designers. 

Nowadays BOMMA focuses on development of luxury and design led pendant lighting made of 24% lead crystal.