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Gurasu Exclusive, infuses classic elegance, bold colour and innovative design, accented with precious stones and metals for a new generation of crystalware. The Exclusive collection, designed by Gurasu Creative Director Joanna Maya is hand-worked in the Bohemia region of Czech Republic in limited quantity of 80 pieces. In Scotland, silver is individually poured using a traditional casting technique, hand polished , and finally Hallmarked in Edinburgh as a sign of quality in materials and craftsmanship.

A hexagonal motif appears throughout , mirroring multiple perfectly cut facets, reflecting light and adding classic texture to a modern, elegant shape. The striking lines are complemented by a traditional clear crystal, or offset in monochromic black and white, or ruby and royal blue. Finishing each grinder is a sterling silver topper, designed by acclaimed silversmith and artist Hamish Dobbie.

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