Crystal Glassware Gifts for Mother’s Day

The countdown to Mother’s Day has begun and we’re all looking for the perfect gift to thank and celebrate our mothers. The pressure can leave us reaching for the sensational chocolates, stunning jewellery or finest flowers as we debate the many choices available.

Citrine crystal wine goblet

I dare to think that thoughtfulness is the most important part of present choosing. Buying a gift that represents your mother’s interests or one that she can enjoy for many years to come is the ideal way to combat your gift-buying panic and make your mother smile.

Crystalware full gift range

Our range of crystal glassware is a sophisticated and timeless choice. The high quality and effortless beauty of the crystal seems to me as a perfect synergy between a fine glass that is functional and a beautiful luxury. As a passionate designer of crystal ware I create glassware that I can use and enjoy every day.

I would hate the idea of keeping these designer pieces away in the cupboard unused and only appreciated during the Christmas Day. I am a strong believer that Gurasu Crystal appeals to mothers everywhere and they will be able to treasure their gifts for a lifetime.

For instance, crystal cocktail glasses can add a touch of class to the day as you and your family celebrate in style, or why not combine a crystal decanter with a special bottle of wine that you can all share? Our range of coloured crystal will definitely brighten up a crisp March afternoon and you can choose from a variety of tones based on your mother’s preference.

Mother’s day gift for every mummy 

Of course, Mother’s Day isn’t just about mothers, mums and mummies. All of our female relatives can be included on this celebratory occasion. Would your aunt appreciate crystal cocktail glasses or would she love a set of wine glasses for her dinner table? Perhaps your grandmother would like to sit down with a drop of whisky in a classic tumbler?

The wide range of crystal glassware available on the website means you’re sure to find the ideal gift for all of the women in your life. Make this Mother’s Day one that will be remembered by your family forever.

If you did not quite find that perfect gift, do get in touch.

Crystal in Boutique Hotels

Crystal works beautifully in the home, but how can a hotel incorporate it as successfully?

We talked about the impact of crystal in home design in the new year, but what about interiors that have to appeal to a lot of people? We’re finding more and more boutique hotels contacting us for advice on incorporating pieces of crystal into their spaces.

Whether it’s a classic glassware set for the bar, a statement piece for a lobby or drawing room, or decorative elements for the dining room, hotels are beginning to think about the subtle effect these pieces can have in a public space.

SOLID crystal centrepiece by Olgoj Chorchoj


SOLID crystal centrepiece by Olgoj Chorchoj

It’s easy to see why. According to George Moore’s The Layperson’s Beginning Bible of Interior Design:

when properly designed and implemented, crystal can be an effective accent and a good addition to a well-designed interior.

It’s clarity, sparkle and intricate design make crystal an eye-catching centerpiece or accent. And when an interior is trying to suggest a warm, inviting personality – whatever its style – well positioned crystal pieces elevate a simple space into an interior with an atmosphere of elegance and luxury.

Of course, chandeliers were the classic big-number pieces that hotels leant towards in the past: huge cascading droplets shimmering with the light of the candles or bulbs above them. However, now more modern crystal brands such as Gurasu are creating equally show-stopping styles in more minimalist pieces.

For an elegant, gentlemanly hotel, why not choose a classically-cut bar glass collection – serving after dinner drinks from beautifully hand-cut Bohemian crystal lends an atmosphere of refined quality and elegance without seeming too glitzy. It’s the perfect accessory for a cosy drawing room or bar; guests sitting by the open fire, sipping a vintage malt from a modern crystal whiskey glass as the evening draws to a close.

Our minimalist Klassik wine glasses also add a sophisticated touch to a dining table without detracting from the rest of the interior design. Or, for something with a little more splash, our BOMMA glasses pair a classic glass with a statement base.

Coloured crystal glasses also add personality into a space without having to re-decorate. Using mismatched rainbow wine glasses and tumblers adds a bohemian twist to an otherwise neutral space, giving guests a sense of the personality behind the brand. An eclectic table setting creates a talking point and immediately summarises the identity and atmosphere of the hotel.

The richness in design, texture and material of crystal means that even a single piece can create a great effect. It’s three-dimensional art and it evokes a sense of subtle luxury throughout the property. A vase on an antique dresser, a centrepiece at a reception desk, a delicate contemporary lamp in a modern suite – all create in a sense of individuality and style in a beautiful boutique hotel.

Visit our store or get in touch to find out how we can help you accessorize with crystal. We look  very much forward to trade enquiries also.

Valentine’s Day Gift Edit from Gurasu Crystal

Unless you want to be that person who shows up to a Valentine’s dinner with carnations and a heart-shaped box of chocolate, you need a thoughtful, one-of-a-kind gift to show your No. 1 you really care. ..

Beautiful flowers can always work well (as does a good bottle of champagne). They are there for a reason. However, we can’t ignore the completely OMG things that we can’t technically afford but really, really want…

Valentine’s Day could be this perfect time to spoil your No. 1 for the fine, luxury glasses.

With a curated selection of raspberry, fashionable lilac, ruby, black and smoke-shade crystal glasses wrap up your valentines gift in a beautiful paper (leave this with us) and surprise with an item of luxury.

Gurasu smoke Shining star Crystal tumbler

Shining Star Tumbler in Smoke, set of 2

Gurasu Shining Star Lavender crystal tealight candle holder

Lavender Crystal tealight votive / vase


black crystal with pink love birds

Like the rich red cocktail / water crystal glasses for example. Whether the polka-dot crystal vase or a super cute black crystal with pink love birds. The shades of grey (precisely smoke) double old fashioned for the unique blend of whiskey before the night commences. All to celebrate those special occasions which make difference to our life and, most importantly, spice our relationship.
Click through to find the one your other half will love almost as much as they love you. Almost.

Maison and Glass Objects – Maison & Objet 2015

I love going to Maison & Objet not only because it is a Mecca for all passionistas of best interior where everyone breathes the same atmosphere but also because it is an invaluable experience to see brands I have always admired like Lalique and Baccarat, Ligne Roset, Missoni Home and many more.

This is the place you go and you officially know what will be trending in interior retail. Like the Spring/Summer catwalk shows of the fashion world, Maison et Objet January’s exhibition sets the interior trends for the year. Celebrating its 20th anniversary, this was a year I would dare not to miss. One of my favourite quotes at Maison…

Love my little day - Joanna at Maison & Objet

Of course we are always interested in the tabletop the most. So to summarise, there are our reflections on trends shown this year:

1. Tabletop

It was interesting to see various brands exhibiting collections of table top specifically designed to look mismatched. The edges of plates were scalloped, fluted or simply rounded, so each looks different, creating depths and interest when the table was laid. Patterns are also styled in random compositions, for dynamic settings.

Plates at Maison&Objet Paris 2015

2. Glassware

Historic crystal and glass manufacturer Lalique have unveiled the results of a new collaboration with Damien Hirst. ‘Eternal’ consists of a collection of exquisite, limited edition crystal panels. The panels are available in three series – Love, Hope and Beauty – that each depict a different butterfly and are in twelve different colour-ways. We think that Damien Hirst’s butterflies are luminously lovely.

One of our favourite Bomma Crystal collections is Icebreaker. Iskos-Berlin, the renowned name behind the modern whiskey collection said:

We wanted our design to reflect the masculinity of whisky through bold and passionately random cuts in the “body” of the glass. We all instinctively twist glasses (even empty ones) around in our hands, enjoying the play of refracted light. As our tumbler twists and turns, it offers a constantly varying experience – both visual and tactile.

Icebreaker whisky tumblers


Icebreaker whiskey tumblers by Iskos & Berlin

About Bomma: BOMMA combines traditional Czech glass craft with the latest designs and technology. Crystal manufacturer and designer BOMMA boasts high-quality products cut from the genuine Bohemian crystal. BOMMA’s close cooperation with leading Czech and foreign designers breeds original conceptions that play upon the current design morphology and decorations variability using precise robotic cutting applied to high-quality crystal.

3. Lighting

Lots of copper and lots of colours but a number of simplistic shapes were very visible this year. Among my favourite were designs by an emerging brand Giopato Coombes Editions.

Maison & Objet lighting 2015

All the above examples stood out for me this week but there were a few brands that outshone their competitors. For example Autobahn and &Tradition, Pulpo and Michael Verheden all offered designs in sublime organic forms, elegant materials and complex manufacturing processes. &Tradition selected Raf Simmons for Kvadrat textiles to upholster their new Cloud Series and the result is effortless. These will be our classics for the future.

This can sum up the best why it is always worth visiting the Paris Maison…

We have covered Maison & Objet last year as well with focus on lighting.

SS15 trend report – bringing fashion into the home

Everyone has a style. Whether you know it or not, what you like, what you wear, and what you surround yourself with all tie into an aesthetic that is uniquely you. Maybe you love neutrals – your wardrobe is a capsule collection of classic cuts and colours; your home is full of elegant pieces that beautifully complement one another.

Glass Mount crystal bowl by Arik Levy

Glass Mount crystal bowl by Arik Levy

Or perhaps you are a global nomad, layering ethnic jewellery with bohemian style. Your home is a mix of pieces sourced from across the world, coming together to create a place that is perfectly you. Whatever your style, it’s no surprise that it finds it way into every aspect of your life. We take a look at SS15’s fashion trends: how to incorporate them into your wardrobe – and your home.

Retro fashions this season

This season, retro fashions have been given a twist of modern elegance. Shirt dresses saw a comeback at Rebecca Minkoff, while gingham and classic Jackie ‘O’ shapes were given modern flair by designers such as Dior, Oscar de la Renta and Diane von Furstenberg. This doesn’t mean digging out your old twin sets and giant sunglasses – this modern take on retro style pairs subtle elements of the past in a definitely modern way. Think fifties style pencil and circle skirts paired with cropped tops, thigh-high slits or bold patterns.

Seventies influence

The seventies were also out in force, with colours and prints taking centre stage at Pucci, Prada Chloe and Louis Vuitton. Bohemian flow was given evening style at Etro and Dries van Noten, while Vera Wang also injected the free-spirited fashion with her signature elegance. Again, it wasn’t about reliving the past, but rather bringing its fun and flair into something that was a little more modern and refined.

The same can be applied to interiors. Rather than recreating the ‘50s suburban home, try choosing some great vintage pieces to add a creative accent to a modern space. An Eames lounge chair, a modernist console, a bar cart stocked with classic cocktail paraphernalia. Channel the pattern and colours of the catwalk with a rich jewel-toned armchair, or add the kind of sporty colour blocking we saw at Opening Ceremony and Hugo Boss into daring wall designs, rugs or textiles. It’s an easy way to add a little individual flair into both your wardrobe and your home.

Individual flair into the home and your Spring wardrobe 

If your Spring wardrobe is more focused on classic neutrals, then SS15 also had something for you. Lady-like whites were given an update by Erdem, Chloe and Louis Vuitton, while Alexander McQueen, Balmain and Christopher Kane brought Spring style to dramatic blacks with interesting details such as mesh. Details are key to nailing the neutral look.



Image credit – Alexander McQueen S/S 15

Whether its a statement piece of jewellery, different textures or an innovative cut, detail lifts a piece from boring to directional. It can be the same with interiors. Pick an accent piece to lift a classic table – a beautifully cut crystal decanter, an interesting set of glass designs, an artistic centrepiece, like our crystal bowls from Arik Levy… Something that both complements and offsets the space.

What will you be wearing this season? And how are you injecting a little SS15 flair into your home?

Gurasu Exclusive – Salt and pepper grinders

A shimmer of light, glinting from perfectly cut facets, a bold splash of colour, rich against the clear crystal; a contemporary design given form and structure using traditional hand-crafted techniques. This is exquisitely designed crystal tableware and I am very excited to make it now available in limited quantities at Gurasu for the luxurious, exclusive gift.

Salt and pepper black and white crystal

Black and White Crystal Salt and Pepper Grinders, pair

When designing this piece I tried to infuse the rich history of ornamental crystal design with a contemporary edge to create a fittingly exquisite introduction to Gurasu Exclusive. A repeated hexagonal motif runs throughout the salt and pepper grinders, with multiple, perfectly cut facets reflecting the light and adding classic texture and finish to a modern shape. The striking lines of the pieces are complemented by a traditional clear crystal, or offset by bold colour combinations in monochrome black and white or bright red and blue.
Finishing each grinder is a sterling silver topper, designed by acclaimed silversmith and artist Hamish Dobbie.

How our set was made…

The Gurasu Exclusive collection is entirely handmade. Each salt and pepper grinder has been crafted in the Bohemia region of the Czech Republic. Four specialist glassblowers are required, before an additional eight hours of skilled craftsmanship, to achieve the perfect shape, cut and clarity prior to the pieces being beautifully coloured and polished by hand.

Finally, the sets are delivered to the silversmith. The silver was cast into a three dimensional wax mould in a traditional technique called ‘lost wax casting’. Few jewellers still use this time consuming technique, but it produces a beautiful finish which perfectly complemented the elegance of the grinders. The Sterling silver castings are then polished by hand, and Hallmarked in Edinburgh as a sign of quality of material and craftsmanship.
Nevertheless, the crystal would not be as special if there was no assistance from Hamish.

Hamish Dobbie is an award-winning jeweller and silversmith. Drawing inspiration from the dramatic scenery of the Scottish Isles, he creates a range of sculptures in silver and hard woods, using a variety of traditional and modern techniques such as 3D Printing, mould making, lost wax casting, threading and hand finishing. For his collaboration with Gurasu, Hamish was inspired by the elegance and pattern of the crystal, designing a silver topper for the grinders that mirrored the grace of the set’s silhouette. The silver top is this special detail which make the product complete.

I hope someone special to you will be as impressed as we are with this set. View the full Gurasu Exclusive Collection.

Have a Merry Christmas

Joanna Maya and her team at Gurasu Crystal

Colourful New Year resolutions – Gurasu colour

New Year is approaching and with it the sense of dread that can only mean one thing – time to think about your New Year resolution…

According to Forbes, only 8% of us keep our resolutions, partly because we challenge ourselves too much, or pick things that we just can’t feasibly achieve. Well, we have an idea for something we can all do – be brave. It doesn’t have to mean skydiving or trekking the Amazon, it can mean small things like trying a new skill, or stepping outside of your comfort zone.

Raspberry Pink set of six high ball glasses

For example – let’s think about colour. Colour frightens a lot of people. It’s bold, its daring and it can be overbearing. It’s fine for celebrations, and we love it at Christmas, but the rest of the year – it’s a bit nerve-wracking. But this time why not keep a little of that Christmas cheer into the new year and start experimenting with more colour in the home?

Interior designer and famous fan of brights, Jonathan Adler, told Telegraph readers to ‘choose one accent colour to add to the room’ – choose a tint or a shade and introduce it through accessories: a cushion here, a decoration there, a pattern or print that ties it all together, ’everywhere you look there should be a place for your eye to rest – on a cushion or vase, or a bowl full of lemons or limes’.

And it doesn’t have to come from traditional sources. It can be completely individual. Will Taylor, the man behind interiors blog Bright Bazaar encourages us all to feel free to experiment. He told the LA Times that we should ‘take yourself outside of your home to naturally find the palette that speaks to you. Maybe it’s a colour scheme in an artwork. Or maybe it’s something that has a personal memory for you like your wedding day. Your personal stories are significant things that you can call on to bring coluor in to your home and make you feel comfortable.

Taylor goes on to explain that we should introduce colour slowly, experimenting with what we like and what works in the space. Start with neutrals and add in your brights. Or choose a few colours and add in some contrast, mixing solid pieces with patterns, and adding pretty accessories like glassware or prints. The Gurasu coloured crystal collections are deliberately multi-hued, bringing a bright but sophisticated accent to any room. We love to mix and match, adding a sense of elegant anarchy to a colour scheme. It’s not something to be afraid of, its something to celebrate.

What are your New Year resolutions? And how do you introduce colour into your interiors?

Begining of Christmas season at Queens Parade

Dear Friends of Gurasu Crystal. I have to admit that I am looking forward to our very special Christmas event this Friday, 12th December.

We are collaborating with David Gee, the local Mapesbury artist. His ceramic centrepieces and bowls beautifully handmade in his studio are second to none. I am indeed very excited to showcase his latest collection here at Gurasu Concept store.

David’s pieces including bowls and platters remind me of decorative creations of flora and fauna you can find when travelling the world. He produces one-off pieces, using white earthenware clay, decorated with coloured slips, oxides and under-glazes covered in a range of coloured or transparent glazes.

Green Ceramic Platter

The whole event will be accompanied by amazing flute musician, Jemma Freestone this time performing in a duo with bassoonist, Gareth Hamphreys.

Jemma and Gareth are very talented musicians who won a number of reputable awards and I am delighted to have such skilled artists in Gurasu’s shop. Very much looking forward to their recital!

If it was not enough, I am doubled pleased because I now have the opportunity to give back this Christmas season so David and I decided to make our contribution to the local charity Ashford Place. 10% will be passed to the charity for every purchase we make during this event!


6pm – glass of champagne and a welcome talk delivered by Gurasu’s creative director Joanna Maya

6.15-7.15pm – recital of Jemma Freestone and Gareth Hamphreys